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Past Presidents of the Missouri Chapter APWA

2018 Steve Schultz
2017  Chris Boyd

2016  Tod Fagan
2015  Eric Landwehr
2014  Ty Abbott
2013  Jonathan Gano
2012  Bill Schwer
2011 Mark Kollitz
2010 Glenn Smith

2009 Cynthia Mitchell
2008 J. Kensey Russell
2007 Mike Geisel
2006 Phil Broyles
2005 Ron Kadane
2004 Chris Yarnell
2003 John Pollard
2002 William Croker
2001 Mary Ellen Lea
2000 Harold Bade
1999 David Miller
1998 Vince Tallo
1997 Lowell Patterson
1996 Charles R. Turner
1995 Dale L. Houdeshell
1994 Steve Hargis
1993 Harold K. Neely
1992 David E. Hamilton
1991 Roger J. Shields
1990 Marc J. Thornsberry
1989 Vijay K. Bhasin
1988 Thomas Wilcox
1987 Bryan Pearl
1986 Ronald Hill
1985 Dennie Pendergrass
1984 Charles Feldman
1983 Allen Pollock
1982 Wallace Munden
1981 Walter Davison
1980 Robert Bates

Americn Society of Municipal Engineers (ASME) St. Louis Section Presidents included:

Mr. Hymen Shifrin , 1931--The initial meeting was on February 11, 1931

Mr. Fred Wolffe, 1931-32

Mr. John C. Pritchard, 1932-33

Mr. walter Heimbuecher, 1933-34

Mr. Erwin E. Bloss, 1934-36

Mr. John B. Clayton, 1936-38

Mr. W.F.Hedges, Springfield, 1958 

Mr. R.E.Crews, Joplin, 1959, 

Mr. W. Raymert Miller, Columbia,  1960, 

Mr. Herbert G. Poertner, Clayton, 1961

Mr. Raymond Beck, Columbia, 1962

Mr. C. Larry Unland, St. louis, 1963

Mr. W.R. Johnson, Lebanon, 1964

Mr. Glenn Barton, St. Joseph, 1965

Mr. S.J.McLaughlin, St. Louis, 1966

Mr. Edwin Rackers, Jefferson City, 1967

Mr. Arthur Tucker, St. Louis, 1968

Mr. Gaylord Weeks, Springfield, 1969

Mr. Alan Dieckgraefe, University City, 1970

Mr. James Dowdy, Florissant, 1971

Mr. Frank Enloe, Jefferson City, 1972


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