St. Louis Branch APWA Membership
APWA national membership automatically includes one year of membership in your local Missouri APWA chapter. Click here to learn more about APWA national membership. The Missouri Chapter of the APWA is an association of professional engineers, technicians, operations staff, public works directors, business people, contractors, consultants, and others who join together to exchange ideas and information, promote education and training, and work as a team to meet professional and community needs. The Missouri Chapter’s membership comes form the geographic area of the state of Missouri outside the Kansas City Metropolitan area.

Because the Missouri Chapter covers such a large jurisdiction, the chapter has formed the St. Louis Branch to bring educational and networking opportunities to an even more specific geographic area. The branch operates under the oversight of the Missouri chapter. In order to help support the programs the St. Louis Branch offers in our specific geographic area, the St. Louis Branch has established branch dues. The St. Louis Branch dues are not included with the national-chapter membership. All APWA chapters and branches are part of the national association, therefore it is not possible to membership at the branch level only. 

You must FIRST be an active member of APWA National/Missouri Chapter APWA in order to join the St. Louis Branch. 

The cost for the local membership to the St. Louis Branch of Missouri Chapter APWA is only $10.
(APWA National Membership is required prior to joining the St. Louis Branch)

The St. Louis Branch delivers valuable, timely and relevant APWA educational, networking, and public service activities near where members work and live. The St. Louis Branch offers members the opportunity to attend educational programs, Click, Listen & Learn audio web conferences, symposiums, monthly branch luncheons, spring and fall conferences and the chance to meet and exchange ideas with public works professionals, colleagues and peers in a professional setting.

The St. Louis Branch of Missouri APWA is offering online membership registration

Two easy ways to renew your St. Louis Branch membership!

Everyone should renew their St. Louis Branch membership online at Renew Online  whether you are paying by check or credit card. You may pay by credit card by selecting the PaypPal option and clicking on the PayPal logo. You are then given the option to pay with a PayPal account or a credit card

If you would like to pay by check, a downloadable form is available below.  Just fill out the renewal form, include your check payable to “St. Louis Branch APWA” and mail them in!

Click here for an informational flyer on the St. Louis Branch of Missouir APWA

We are always looking to grow our membership, so please encourage others in your organization to join.

For more information on joining, please contact:
Mr. Todd Rehg
 City of Webster Groves
4 E. Lockwood 
Webster Groves, MO 63119 
at 314-963-5312 or

St. Louis Branch APWA Membership Flyer.pdf St. Louis Branch APWA Membership Flyer.pdf
2018 St. Louis Branch APWA Membership Form.pdf 2018 St. Louis Branch APWA Membership Form.pdf

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