Vince Tallo Service Awards

The Vincent Tallo Service Award is presented by the Missouri Chapter APWA to employees of member organizations, municipalities, or firms who have completed thirty or more years of service to the public with a single organization, municipality or firm. 

The Tallo Service Awards are named after Vince Tallo who was a long time employee of Laclede Gas Company, and long time active member of theAPWA and strong supporter of public works.  Before Tallo's death, the same recognition was awarded under "longevity  service award", which was bestowed on people with 30 years of continuous service with the same City or Agency Vince worked at Laclede Gas from 1958 to 2001. In the 43 years he worked at Laclede, he held a number of positions through out his career including the position of Manager of Right of Way.  In this position, Vince was the company’s liaison with the 90 municipalities, City, County and State Officials and Highway Departments in the St. Louis Metropolitan area. He was the ultimate professional in his approach on everything he did and worked tirelessly in promoting fellowship with everybody he met.  Before Tallo's death, this award was called "Over 30 Years of Service Award."

Vince was an active member in the APWA for over 17 years. He first became a member in 1985 and became the St. Louis Branch Chairman in 1990, was the Missouri Chapter President in 1998 and remained active in the APWA up to his retirement. Vince passed away shortly after his retirement from Laclede in 2002.

Eligibility Requirements:

Nominees must be employees of an APWA member organization, municipality, or firm.
Nominee must have served for a minimum of 30 years with the same organization, municipalitly, or firm.
The organization, municipality or firm must be a member of the Missouri Chapter at the time the nomination is made, but does not have to have been a member for the entire 30 year award period.

Selection Criteria:

30 years service with a single member organization, municipality, or firm.

Nomination Process:

Organization, municipality, or firm must send letter nominating eligible employees stating employees name, current position, and term of service to the Chairman or to a member of the Chapter Awards Committee.

Deadline and Award Presentation:

Letters of nomination must be submitted no later than March 15, 2019.

Individuals in the metropolitan St. Louis area will be recognized at a St. Louis Branch luncheon This event will be held at Orlando's Gardens at 2050 Dorsett Village Drive, Maryland Heights, MO 63043..  Others will be recognized at the Spring or Fall Conference, or at an appropriate local event.

For further information, please contact Mr. Vijay Bhasin a

2019 Vince Tallo Award Recipients

City of Webster Groves

Mr. Scott Wilson, Sr. Eq. Operator
Mr. Craig Runge, Mechanic

Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District

Mr. Harvey T. Allen, R/W Agent
Mr. Keith A. Milson, Asst. Eng
Mr. Michael W. Shelton, Eng.Const.Supv.

St. Louis County

Mr. Michael A. Gooding
Mr. Michael A. Sullins
Mr. Kevin L. Sharpe 
Ms. Kathleen N. Jamerson  

City of Wentzville

Mr. Rob Clemons

City of Springfield

Mr. Carl William Knuckles

St. Louis County Parks

Mr.Craig Burgdorf, Maint. Supv
Mr. Jesse Francis, Mgr. Cultural Site
Mr. Joseph Strasser, Maint. Mgr.
Mr. Robert Taylor, Maint. Supv.
Mr. James Foley, Mgr. Opt.

2018 Vince Tallo Award Recipients 

St. Louis County Highways & Transportation

Ms. Linda J. Williams

Mr. Curtis A. Gardner

Mr. Jeffery S. Bond

Mr. Duane A. Emanuel 

City of Maryland Heights

Mr. Jerry Walsh

Mr. John Fuller

Mr. Tim Duly

Mr.Joe Krypiciak

Mr. Joe Hunter

Mr. Steve Schenck 

Missouri American water Company

Mr. Bradley T. Brown 


Mr. Mark Vlaich 

University City

Mr. Mike Martin 

City of Sunset Hills

Mr. Wes Sercey

2017 Vince Tallo Award Recipients

Mr. Lou Jearls, City of Florissant

Mr. Michael Flad, St. Louis County

Mr. James Shaffer, St. Louis County

Mr. Glenn McCallister, St. Louis County

Mr. Carl Sexauer, St. Louis County

Mr. Russell Schmidt, St. Louis County

Mr. Jerry Pledger, City of Cape Girardeau

Mr. Ron Poe, City of Cape Girardeau

Mr. Carl Pease, City of Cape Girardeau

Mr. Randy Niwonger, City of Cape Girardeau

2016 Vince Tallo Award Recipients 

Mr. Gary Kramer, City of Ballwin

Mr. Eric Becker, City of Ballwin

Mr. Tod Fagan, Spire

Mr. Michael DeBarry, City of Clayton

Mr. David Breier, City of Clayton

Mr. Michael J. Garcia, St. Louis County

Mr. Lawrence G. Nagle, St. Louis County

Mr. Richard L. Merseal, St. Louis County

Mr. Michael A. Pappert, St. Louis County

Mr. Richard Gnecco Jr., St. Charles County
Ms. Sharon Holt, MSD
Ms. Kelly Kinder, MSD
Ms. Susan Whitener, MSD

Mrs. Robert Clark, MAWC

Mr. Vernon Pape, City of Bridgeton

Mr. Ernest L. Gagnor, City of Bridgeton

Mr. James A. Romans, City of Bridgeton
Mr. Thomas Joyner, CBB
Ms. Diane Miromonti, CBB

2015 Vince Tall Award Recipients

The Missouri Chapter APWA recognized the following individuals.

Mr. Frank Clark of Des Peres
Mr. Ronald Jackson of Columbia
Mr. Creedon Miller of Columbia
Mr. David Straight of Columbia
Mr. Thomas J. Boedeker of St. Louis County Dept. of Highways
Mr. Mike J. McMahon of St. Louis
Mr. Gerard L. Lippold of STL Co.
Mr. William J. Walterscheid of STL County
Mr. Timothy Hale of Clayton
Mr. Al. Herl of Laclede Gas Company
Mrs. Susanne Kraft of Black Jack
Mr. Larry Bishop of Cole County
Mr. Greg Block of Cole County
Mr. Johnny Jones of Cole County
Mr. Walter Prenger of Cole County
Mr. Dan Scherer of O'Fallon
Mr. Rex Conner of Kirksville
Mr. David Coy of Kirksville
Mr. David Coy of Kirksville
Mr. Russell Pruett of Kirksville
Mr. Kevin Kuse of Springfield
Mr. Chester Wheeler of Springfield
Mr. Brian Adams of Springfield
Mr. David Burrell of Springfield
Mr. Stan Murrell of Springfield
Mr. Michael Wester of Springfield
Mr. Dennis G. Niehaus of Kdg
Mr. Ken Barnett of MSD
Mr. Bill Hargrove of MSD
Mr. Wayne Hilterbrand of MSD
Mr. Dave Richardson of MSD
Mr. Joel Treat of MSD
Mr. Henry E. Hoover of Mexico

2014 Vince Tallo Award Recipients

The Missouri Chapter APWA recognized the following individuals. 

Mr. David Mades, St. Louis County Highways & Traffic
Mr. Philip Buchanan, St. Louis County Highways & Traffic
Mr. David Menderski, St. Louis County Highways & Traffic
Mr. Joseph Cronin, St. Louis County Highways & Traffic
Mr. Larry Johnson, City of Ladue
Mr. Dennis Hoffman, City of Ladue
Mr. Allen Stahl, City of Ladue
Mr. James Feldman, City of O'Fallon
Mr. Jeffrey Spalding, St. Charles County
Mr. Stephen McMenamy, St. Charles County

2013 Vince Tallo Award Recipients

Phillip Eck, City of Clayton
Ewald Winkler, City of University City

2012 Vince Tallo Award Recipients

Scott H. MaCaulay St. Louis County
Timme A. Berthold St. Louis County
John C. Voracek St. Louis County
Alexandra M. Martin St. Louis County
James D. Heard City of Clayton
Dennis York City of Clayton
Barry Jeralds City of Clayton
David Pulley City of Columbia

2011 Vince Tallo Award Recipients

Julie GimlinCity of Springfield
Robert Riggs, Jr.City of Sunset Hills
John W. Watson St. Louis County
Dennis E. HarrisSt. Louis County
Chester A. PhillipsSt. Louis County
Eland Williams IIISt. Louis County

2009 Vince Tallo Award Recipients

Michael R. KrazerCity of Bridgeton
Dale E. NordgaardenCity of Bridgeton
Gary W. VaughnCity of Columbia
Richard D. GrantCity of Columbia
Patricia DodelCity of Kirkwood
Michael MartinCity of University City
Terry W. MitchellSt. Louis County
William L. RileySt. Louis County
Robert M. MasonSt. Louis County
Jack SandersSt. Louis County

2008 Vince Tallo Award Recipients

Frank Thomas, Sr.City of Columbia
Stan LynnCity of Columbia
Mike SchlerethCity of Eureka
Craig NoblittCity of Springfield
Dallas ScottCity of Springfield
Edgar WaltonCity of Springfield
James BurksCity of Springfield
James ChandlerCity of Springfield
Karen ChandlerCity of Springfield
Lester HiltonCity of Springfield
Marty ThomasCity of Springfield
Max CarletonCity of Springfield
Michael LefflerCity of Springfield
Ronald CumminsCity of Springfield
Allen CullySt. Charles County
Steve HintonSt. Charles County
Vance GribbleSt. Charles County
William JordanSt. Louis County
Joseph KruchowskiSt. Louis County
Joan HoltzmanSt. Louis County

2007 Vince Tallo Award Recipients

James PerkinsCity of Columbia
Randy ThomasCity of Columbia
Joseph Evering City of Crestwood
Brad ChandlerCity of Springfield
Ed WaltonCity of Springfield
George GartinCity of Springfield
Shirley JohnsonCity of Springfield
Dan AndersonSt. Charles County
Dick MenseSt. Charles County
Jerry MartinSt. Charles County
Gregory D. MyersSt. Louis County
Leonard F. BuettnerSt. Louis County
Roy C. BlumSt. Louis County
Stephen G. CampSt. Louis County

2006 Vince Tallo Award Recipients

Dennie L. PendergrassCity of Columbia
Ronald SimpsonCity of Columbia
Charles ParrottCity of Springfield
Charles SmithCity of Springfield
Charles YoungCity of Springfield
Derek WilliamsCity of Springfield
Donald EvansCity of Springfield
Eugene PabstCity of Springfield
J LymanCity of Springfield
James HoweCity of Springfield
James WhiteCity of Springfield
Johnnie TaylorCity of Springfield
Kenneth BarsteadCity of Springfield
Kenneth CarrCity of Springfield
Kenneth HuffordCity of Springfield
L NoblittCity of Springfield
Larry JonesCity of Springfield
Lawrence WhiteCity of Springfield
Louie GrahamCity of Springfield
Michael RuzickaCity of Springfield
Richard MillerCity of Springfield
Robert RichardsonCity of Springfield
Robert SchaeferCity of Springfield
Stephen ShanholtzerCity of Springfield
Thomas HolstCity of Springfield
Bill LandrumCity of University City
Robert HumphreyCity of University City
Ronald AllenCity of University City
John ParkerCity of Webster Groves
Brian A. BassSt. Louis County
Daniel A. HoernschemeyerSt. Louis County
David P. TichacekSt. Louis County
Dennis J. BuckleySt. Louis County
Robert J. BrandtSt. Louis County

2005 Vince Tallo Award Recipients

Vincent K. Bell City of Columbia
Marvin L. Tarp City of Columbia
John R. Leach City of Columbia
Richard L. Wilborn City of Columbia
William Palmer City of Columbia
Carl E. Turner Jr. City of Columbia
William Weitkemper  City of Columbia
Richard L. Wieman City of Columbia
Robert "Bob" Ruck City of Manchester
Dennis Boswell City of St. Charles
George Callaway City of St. Charles
Wendell Hill City of Crestwood
 Price Fields City of Kirkwood
Sam Watson City of Kirkwood
William Hurst City of Kirkwood
James W. (Jim) Beeler City of Joplin
Donald Torreti MSD
Helen Williams MSD
Donald Mestemacher MSD
Bruce Weibel MSD
James E. Flynn City of Clayton
Joe Hauser City of St. Peters
Gene Jones Webster Groves
Tom Anglin City of Berkeley
Darryl Kunzie City of Arnold
John Kemper STL County Public Works
Gerald Lampe  STL County PW
Terry Wilson STL County PW
Rick Hill STL County PW

2004: Vince Tallo Award Recipients

Mr. Rich Piper of St. Charles County Highway Department. 

 Samuel Miller, MSD

Daniel Patterson , MSD

Thomas Newport, Department of Highways and Traffic

Robert Shoults,  Dept. of Highways & Traffic STL County

Joseph Heenan , Dept. of Highways & Traffic

Gary Scheipeter, City of Clayton

Dale Miner, City of Clayton

Douglas Durham, City of Clayton

2001 Vince Tallo Award Recipients

Charlie Lohse, City of Columbia

Terry Hennkens, City of Columbia

Carl Coleman, City of Columbia

William McKee, City of Columbia

Bill Lindsey, City of Columbia

Donald E. Oberfeld, MSD

Alfred Brooks, MSD

Kenneth Allen, City of University City

Beatrice Chapple, City of University City

Clarence Cole, City of University City

Stephen H. Shanholtzer, City of Springfield R/W

1999 Vince Tallo Award Recipients

Lou Roth, Bellefontaine Neighbors

1994 Vince Tallo Award Recipients

Stanley J. Schilling, City of Creve Coeur

Ray Henne, City of Jennings

Ronald Kostedt, City of Kirkwood

Jesse Foster, City of Kirkwood

Kenneth A. Benwell, St. Louis County

George W. Houston, St. Louis County


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